"It just feels like all I ever tried to do in the way of GIVING, and all the things I ever fought for in the name of Excellence, or Integrity, or just plain 'Being a Decent Person', have come to THIS".

"Do I have to shave my head to be taken seriously?"

"I'm amazed and baffled by the fact that people out there are still finding my hair the most interesting topic of conversation"

These were Brian May's words - not upon reading Sir Ben Elton's transcript for 'We Will Rock You - The Musical', or being invited by the Queen to be the warm up act for Phil Collins and the Corrs, but rather upon on seeing my childish and amateurish Nit Circus animation.

I felt quite bad about that since he was an easy, undeserving target who had just made me jealous by working with 5ive (apart from Richie who is rubbish). And it really wasn't meant to be offensive.

Anyway, since then, he's gone to being dead famous again, working with everyone from Clare Sweeny to Ben Elton to the Foo Fighters. Well, anyone, really. Of course, it could be coincidence, but would it really have happened if it wasn't for my website?

In the hope of making him even more megafamous, I've made this new tribute. Who knows - We Will Rock You - The Movie could come of this. The story of a 'fat bottomed girl' who is 'under pressure' to be a 'champion'. It could be "This years Bridget Jones' Diary - Baz Banningboye". Literally.

Rock on. And, sorry. You're dead good at guitar too and less scared of heights and monarchy and stuff than me. And if I had a lover, "Driven By You" would be 'our song'. As I don't, I've requested "Too much love will kill you" for my funeral. You can play it on the church roof if you like, they've just got a new one.