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Web nostalgia tends to focus on dull corporate sites and design evolution.
I set myself the challenge to excavate just the stupid internet that I actually spent my time browsing.

To do so, I scraped all the links featured in the DMOZ "Humor" category from the year 2000. I then ran a script to make sure that Wayback Machine has something from the 90s in their archive for each one. This left the remains of sites. Mostly awful.

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Click the button above for a random "humor" link via the Wayback Machine. See content warning below.

I did the same for all the sites ever mentioned in Select Magazine for a more studenty selection. This database has links. A mix of the indie, the funny and the bizarre.

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Although I chose my sources in part because they had editors and thus some quality control, there's a chance of some dodgy stuff in the database. That said, it seems to be mostly Bill Clinton jokes, themed pun collections and irrelevent sites that the editors have mis-categorised. The Select links can be a bit more edgelordy, though are mostly fine. If anything is genuinely nasty, let me know and I'll remove it.

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