Note: This game was made for UsVsTh3m. It is uploaded here for archiving as it is no longer on the Mirror's server. More games by the author here.
Attack of the Stupidly Easy TV Phone-In Competition Questions
Out of Time! You got answers correct. You spent a virtual £. Using similar odds to a real phone-in, we've selected a winner at random and you would have .
TV phone-in competition questions are...
A. Notoriously Easy
B. The Notorious B.I.G.
C. Impossible
To make them a real challenge, how many actual TV Quiz Questions can you answer against the clock?
Questions to go: 100
Game Over
UsVsTh3m TV
Answers cost a virtual £1.50/click. You can also tweet your answers to @usvsth3m. Clickers must be 6 or over. Right clicks will not be counted but may still be charged. For full terms and conditions, call 01 811 8055 and offer to swap your unwanted privacy policy for them. Data via: Free TV Competitions. Odds based on this Dickinson's Real Deal kerfuffle.