Missing the weirdos and camp silliness of Channel 4's Eurotrash, I made this tribute. Each click, we'll show you a random YouTube video featuring someone or something which featured on the show.

Will you get a clip which is sexy, gross, arty, crap, offensive, or all these things at once? Press the button and find out.

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As every 90s teenager knows, Eurotrash is known for being quite filthy. Whilst this may be sometimes NSFW, I've tried to keep the focus on the pop, strange, arty & silly (plus the surprising amount of yodellers they featured), and decided not include any porn stars, naked Germans, or 90s supermodels unless they did something else of note. However, there are still some adult subjects, and some clips feature slightly NSFW content - mostly the exploitation cinema and art clips.

If you want to watch the show, then All4 seems your best bet, and there's a new one on the way (March 2019). Sadly there seems nowhere to watch the Chimp special, or the intriguing feature "Jeremy Clarkson - wanker of the week".

Data comes from the IMDB entry and the Rapido website. You can probably blame namesakes if there are people featured here who weren't actually on the show. Most clips of events / subjects are other people doing the same thing rather than the actual ones featured. Not an official thing, obviously.

(c)2024 Monkeon Beat beat the funky funk funk