Flavor Flav Clock-O-Matik

This project is a Twitter bot which tells its followers the time using pictures of Flavor Flav.

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The idea was essentially to make something like old-time internet hit The Human Clock in which the time was displayed via photos users sent in, but entirely with pictures of Flavor and his clock.

Whilst I had an awful lot of images in my database, there were still plenty of gaps, so the Twitter bot approach solved this problem. It does mean that it has to be GMT/BST time only, though. Sorry non-UK horophiles.

Collecting the photos was not as easy as you'd think. I mean, look! This clock is everywhere but clearly broken or without a battery....

And this one is not even a real time...

If this project has taught me nothing else, it is that Flavor's clocks rarely work. It's like he doesn't really care what time it is.

Anyway, why not give it a follow? It will only post about once every three hours so it's not too annoying.

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