The other day I saw my cousin playing a football game on his Atari Playbox. I haven't owned a games console in about ten years, and it looked about as much fun as pressing the red button on your digibox during Match of the Day. It also made me feel very old. I remember when my spectrum *actually speaking* "Tresshure Isshland Disshy" upon loading "Treasure Island Dizzy" made me speak in tongues, it was so bloody miraculous.

Anyway, I've taken screenshots of the same game genres on the ZX 81, an 8-bit, 16-bit and a 32-bit or above computer, and put them side to side just so that you can see how these games have evolved over the years, and moreover to mock the ZX81's limitations. It may not be interesting, but I have done it now and here it is.

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