Note: This game was made for UsVsTh3m. It is uploaded here for archiving as it is no longer on the Mirror's server. More games by the author here.
Homeopathic Battleship - 6C

Battleship is usually played with a ship to water ratio of 17:100.
However, we've given our version a homeopathic dilution of 6C.

According to homeopathic theory : the more you dilute something, the more potent it becomes.

That should make this the most intense game of Battleship ever created.
Are you open-minded enough to give it a go?


Please forcefully strike your screen with an elastic body before pressing play in order to complete the homeopathic process.
6C is a dilution of 10-12. Homeopathic medicines with a dilution of up to 10-400 are commonly available, but we're saving that power for Homeopathic Minesweeper.

Select a square or enter the coordinates to place your ship.
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Player 2's turn
Placing ship
Ship launched
Give up!
Homeopathic Battleship - 6C


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