🧱 Iconic-Moronic.js

In Iain Sinclair's book The Last London, he says of a report on a new Banksy artwork - "The only way I could hear the word iconic without grimacing was to immediately subsitute moronic. Then it worked. Then it made perfect sense."
I thought I'd turn that grouchy thought into a bookmarklet.

Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar, and give it a click whenever you get annoyed by the word iconic being misused on the web. It will replace iconic with moronic, saving you the effort of having to do that in your mind.

Iconic - Moronic

Latest Moronic News

Live data from Google News' RSS feed about iconic moronic things. As always with generating content from live data, some may be accidentally tasteless. Apologies in advance.

Props to bullshit.js, who also inspired this.

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