Note: This game was made for UsVsTh3m. It is uploaded here for archiving as it is no longer on the Mirror's server. More games by the author here.
Mock The Week Gender Demographics Slot Machine
That was Mock The Week... but how were things before that?
Let's play with They Think It's All Over's data.
We are listing the comedian guests only.

In 2009, Victoria Wood described panel shows as too "testosterone-fuelled". In 2014, Andrew Lawrence had a hissy fit about Mock The Week having too many "Women-posing-as-comedians" (whatever that means). Between those years, sales of tickets by female comedians have risen from 2% to 14% of all comedy event tickets sold.

To check out what is going on with Mock The Week's guest policy, we have built a slot machine. It is loaded with the names of all the comedians who have ever appeared on the show. The odds of each person being selected are based on their amount of appearances so far (as a guest, not a captain).

When guests are generated blindly in such a way, can you get the more than one female guest line-up that seems to elude the TV show, or maybe even an against-the-odds (but statistically possible) all-female panel?

Sources: Ticketmaster, Wikipedia
1 x Andrew Lawrence 1000000 4 x Women 4000 2 x Men, 2 x Women 1500 4 x Men 500
A 1970s version of this software has been found.
Downloading Comedians