Most people who used to play text adventures would eventually try typing in swear words, and the authors were fully aware of this. I typed in swear words into as many games on the Spectrum 48k as i could find, and below are the ones which responded.

A Shadow in Glass
A Tangled Tale
Big Sleaze
I like how this one actually has a different response for each individual swear word. **** for effort.
Bored of the rings
Case of the obscene mural
Castle Blackstar
Classic Adventure
Colditz Castle
Crystal Quest
For some reason, it does only give that message when you type in something blue. Why would he give his address when someone swears? Surely that's asking for trouble.
Custerd's Quest
"No!" actually sounds as if the author *is* offended by the c bomb.
Escape from Pulsar 7
Espionage Island
Eye of Bain
The Famous Five
I love how understated this one is. It feels as if "You Swear" has been written with a disappointed sigh.
Forest End
Forgotten City
Harvey Moon
Hero Karn
Immortality Rules OK
Invincible Island
Lost City
Madmox the Mad Axe Giant
If you can't tell what's going on here, it's because it has an annoying horizontal scrolling thing going on. It gives you two warnings and then resets the computer, despite the fact that it probably took 10 minutes to load in the first place.
Mat Lucas
Moon Magic
Morbey Jewels
Mordon's Quest
Moron Spaceship
They can't both be.
Mysterious Adventure 8
Mysterious Adventures
Orc Island
Play it again Sam
Ah, the universal language of swearing.
Project X The Micro Man
As with Madmox, this one resets your computer, and it has the cheek of saying "Do Not Swear Or Else" on the title screen- which is a red rag to a bull.
Quest for the Golden Eggcup
Look how much effort went into this one! It makes you feel as if people who don't swear are missing out. (NB If you examine the floor, you'll discover a trapdoor, through which you can escape to swear again and so on and so on...)
Quest for the Holy Grail
Red Moon
Mary Whitehouse mentions so far:3
Rigel's Revenge
For some reason, it confuses the word 'cunt' with 'quit'. Don't we all?
Serf Tale
Sherlock Holmes
Poor Watson! Hot or Not 0/10.
Ship of Doom
Ten Little Indians
The Code
The Helm
The Island
The Prisoner
Just like what happened in the TV show!
The Time Machine
The Woodland Realm
Tower of Death
Urban Upstarts
This is the worst one I found. It just resets your computer with no warning. Which also happens, coincidentally, if you answer 'yes' when asked if you are using a pirated copy upon loading the game. That'll stop the pirates.
Very Big Adventure
Witches' Cauldron
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