I think the only sensible and worthwhile post I have ever read on the comments section of YouTube was the person pointing out that the section has just become nothing but a worldwide slagging contest. That's exactly why I love it. Wherelse will you see someone being called "a faggot for being a bigot" without any irony intended? And where else will people get SO ANGRY about something as prosaic as a clip of Watercolour Challenge. I HATE IT I WANT TO SLASH THE PAINTINGS!!!1.

Anyway, here is a fun* game. Can you tell what the YouTube commenters had just seen that would provoke them to make the statements below?

When you have answered ten questions, you will be marked by the YouTube posters themselves. Can you get a 'lol' off them (10/10)?
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Alright, I apologize for saying he should get shot but I do not apologize for saying hes a worthless loser.
... was the comment made by someone upon seeing what? ...
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YouTube Troll Quiz

Can you tell what someone had just watched from their response on the comments section of YouTube?

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