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4/03/2018 - 10p Typer - Image Keyboard
10p Typer

Make swear words or whatever messages you want out of the new A-Z 10p coins.

Fun stuff

Amateur Hacker Simulator

How many bad passwords can you guess

90s hit

90s Pop

How many 90s pop and indie songs can you recognise?

90s hit

Da Vinci Bodyshock

Idea for Mashed, animated by Happy Toast.


Mashed (Channel 4)

@IamHappyToast did the animation for this which goes out on 28/12/12.


The Wrong Door (BBC 3)

A couple of sketches were based on my ideas, including this Njarnia one...

Wrong Door

Look Around You (BBC 2)

I made a couple of the games used in this sketch (inc Horse Fighter)...

Look Around You


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