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Retro Quiz Games Mega Microquiz I've played over 50 old quiz and educational computer games, taking one question from each. You get to play ten of them - can you beat them all? Movie Title Mash Up Generator I took over 5000 movie titles and wrote a script to generate all the times where the ending of one title blends into the start of another.
Annie Halloween, Mr Turner and Hooch, Spice World War Z and lots, lots more.
The Perculator : Pinky and Perky Video Maker Select an MP3 from your music collection and this tool will turn it into a 1950s-style Pinky and Perky video. How Immune To Clickbait Are You? We'll show you a mix of the latest clickbait stories and some old classics. Are you now immune enough to not click on any of them? Are You Smarter Than A Twitter Twerp? I searched Twitter for the phrase "I can't tell the difference between". This quiz is made up of a hundred of the ideas I found. Psychic Trump Quiz Yes, it's another Trump quiz, but this one predicts your final scrore before you even press play! Match The Books To Their Covers We'll show you different editions of the same book. Can you match them? The Great Yodel Parcel Hunt It's the Where's Wally format, but with parcels 'hidden' by Yodel in their safe places. Can you spot them? 10p Typer The Royal Mint released a limited set of alphabet coins and I turned them into this typing tool so that you can easily create swear words with them. The Naked Gun Random Intro Sequence Generator The Naked Gun title sequence made out of random GoPro gifs. Bandwidth heavy if you are on a mobile or slow connection. Lolinator 2.0 : Add A Laugh Track Add a laugh track to a YouTube video. It's 2.0 because, whilst the original was better, it was built with Flash and so it died. This one is HTML5, but may still not work on a phone if your phone plays videos in a new window. Slug or Snail? Can you tell the difference when you can't see if they have a shell? Flavor Flav Clock-O-Matik A Twitter bot which tells the time in pictures of Flavor Flav. Dr.Dolingo : International Animal Onomatopoeia Quiz Do you know the non-English words for things like Moo and Woof? What Time's On Your Doomsday Clock? Are you currently worrying about enough things for your doomsday clock to reach midnight? (NB Some of the questions might be a bit 2016, and it no longer pulls trending subjects into the mix like it used to) Beloved Aunt Profanity Search Inspired by the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David accidentally writes the c-bomb in a newspaper, I've made this handy tool to seek out the all places where a one letter typo could create a profanity. Beloved Ant Animal Search A SFW version of Beloved Aunt. Find all the cases where one letter change would make an animal. Stock Photo Album Art At their worst, album covers can look like terrible stock photography. I wondered how some records may have looked if, instead of coming up with a concept and commissioning a photo shoot, the designer had just typed the record title into the search box of a Stock Photo site and made do. Flick Books : Name the film from the book cover Before a book gets a film adaptation, it's the job of the book cover artist to picture it. As soon as the film comes out, the book cover is usually replaced a boring still from the film. We'll show you 20 covers of books which were later adapted into films. Can you name the film from the original cover? Without My Pants : A Twitter Curse The greatest curse of all time is the one from Round The Twist, in which every sentence Peter speaks gets an additional, involuntary "without my pants". I thought I'd try and have a go at replicating the curse for Twitter.
Old stuff
If a lot of this content looks like it was made in 2000, that's because it was. Some require Flash and none are responsive, so they may be a bit fiddly on a phone. Anything faded out has definitely stopped working. I'm unlikely to fix it.
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