Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Tell Truth, Plead People to Believe, Say "There is a Wolf"

Theres a lot of websites dedicated to 8 bit gaming about. Some have shots from the game complete screens, whilst others have maps, cheats and interviews with grown men who at one point felt fit to use their mathematical expertise in order to make a worm simulator.
I felt, however, that there was one thing which (as far as I'm aware) has never been celebrated.... swearing on text adventures.
I typed in swear words into as many games on the Spectrum 48k as i could find, and below are the ones which understood - which a pleasing amount did... as, let's face it, the authors knew that most people would try it at some point when they'd gotten frustrated with the distinct lack of fun on offer.

Quest for the Holy Grail
Red Moon
Mary Whitehouse mentions so far:3
Rigel's Revenge
For some reason, it confuses the word 'cunt' with 'quit'. Don't we all?
Serf Tale
Sherlock Holmes
Poor Watson! Hot or Not 0/10.
Ship of Doom
Ten Little Indians
The Code
The Helm
The Island
The Prisoner
Just like what happened in the TV show!
The Time Machine