Without My Pants

- A Twitter Curse -

As everyone knows, the greatest curse of all time is this one from Round The Twist.

There used to be a site which allowed you to "without my pants" any website, but sadly that's been gone for ages, so I thought I'd try and have a go at replicating the curse for Twitter.

How does the curse work?

When someone has their account cursed, their tweets (size-allowing) will be "without my pants"-ified and retweeted every half hour.

As with a real curse, the curse can be passed on but never destroyed (unless Twitter decide it is against their terms and conditions)

Only one account is cursed at any time.

Pass on the curse

The curse currently resides on realdonaldtrump's account.
If DanTdm is still next-in-line and they have recent tweets in their timeline, that account will take on the curse. If not, the curse will remain on realdonaldtrump.

Update: Due to Twitters's new API, this is no longer working. Fixed 8/3/2014

Without My Pants

An attempt to re-create the Round The Twist curse for Twitter.

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